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- Recognized as one of the Top 40 photographers in the world

- Preferred Photographer of LYDM

- Photography Instructor at IUT College  

- Full Sail Graduate

- 10 Year US Army Veteran

- Peace On The StreetsRadio webmaster

- Graphic designer

- Member of the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association

- Brand Ambassador for Genius Is Common Movement 

- Winner of the Top Photo of the 2019 Orlando Fashion District Fashion Battle

-Internationally published photographer in over 25 magazines. 

Your photographer

I am Joshua Soto, owner of Joker Visions Photography, and I see things differently.

Born and raised in Chicago, I learned early on that we all live in an utterly unforgiving society. People will tell you how to look, dress, think, and even live if you let them. I realized pretty early that I wasn't going to allow anyone to dictate how I did things, and it is with that spirit of bold, relentless courage that I pick up my camera every day and do my best to reframe our world. I continue to push the envelope every chance I get, not only to better my skill but also to show people that they don’t have to live in society's box of beauty. 

Let's break the mold, and bring your vision to life...

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